Residential move

You move to a new flat or house!

The residential move could be compared to a fire or natural disaster, but could also be an event, that you would remember as great and promising changes in your life. But in order to make the residential move well-done, you ought to plan it with all the seriousness.

So, you need to move and you don’t know what should you start with?

Actually, everything is simple. Well planned and professionally carried out residential move in Riga borders, will take, generally, one day. At the move day evening, you will comfortably sit at your beloved arm-chair, take a look around your new residence, and you will see that all the furniture is assembled and disposed, as well as your belongings are accurately put on their places. Your home is in order, and you are full of energy, so it is time to make an invitation list for your housewarming party. This will be a reality for you also, in case you will entrust the moving service professionals to make your residential move.

Choosing service, according our needs.

Our company offers package service on residential or small move service rendering, as well as piano move, and also separates services.

  1. You may order to mount/dismount the furniture, then you may need to pack the furniture or other belongings, also to load/unload them all, to move the belongings to a new place, piano or grand piano move, etc.
  2. Company may supply you with all the needed packing materials to make your residential or small move as cautious as possible

In order to make your move the most comfortable and easy, please, make us a call: ph. +371 67 373 877

Professional residential move

What is the professional residential move?

Residential move is carried out on the definite (determined) terms, without possessions spoiling and damaging, and the main point is, comfortably for new dwellers. Organizing the professional residential or small move within Riga borders important is everything. But, advance planning and scheduling is prior. Before rendering moving service:

  • the volume of borne possessions
  • then the move date is stated
  • all the terms and conditions are negotiated.

As a result, everything is made smoothly and with no surprises!

Why the professional packaging is needed for residential move?

When we move to a new house or flat, there are so many endearing things we used to and all of them are wanted to take with. Beloved china set, cozy arm-chair, old paintings, mirrors and lots of others.

How to move it to another place, not damaging or spoiling anything on the way?

Professional packing materials help us when rendering residential or small move service in Riga. Packing will protect the possessions from scratching, breaking or chapping, as well as will be needed moving piano or grand piano.

How to enjoy residential move?

You just need to trust the professionals on residential and small moves.

Specialists will take care of everything!

  • demount the furniture
  • pack the belongings
  • load them in truck and move to requested address
  • furniture will be assembled and disposed
  • belongings will be put on their places
  • cornices and paintings hung up, kitchen units disposed

After moving all the packaging materials will be removed.

Remember, residential or small move service rendering is over only at moment when all the belongings are in their new places!

To order the residential or small move you may by calling us on the phone.