Piano move

In case you need a piano moving service, first of all, think of what does this music instrument mean to you? That is not just an interior object, but a brittle and gentle device, gladdening you and your people.

It is absolutely necessary, to make the piano move as cautiously as possible, in order to deliver it, not only without any exterior damages, but also without inner ones. We will treat your piano professionally and responsibly, so it could please you at the new place.

Any music instrument demands a professional treat. That is why, in order to solve your trouble of piano move, we will send to you a team of professionals, specialized on music instruments relocation. That will guarantee you the safety of your property, as well as operativeness in this problem solution.

Having relocated the piano, please, make sure that it has no damages. You should choose the place of disposition and only after that sign the work acceptance statement.