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Organizing the the whole process of relocation

You move!
So, you decided to move. Taking into account the conditions of full-grown professional move service market, we consider to get you acquainted with some peculiarities of the entire process and warn you about some possible complications.
You have a residential move ahead. The guarantee of calm and quick move is planning and accurate organizing of the whole moving process. The very important stage is preparatory work.

We hope that our tips will make your move easygoing.

  1. Plan your move in advance. Minimum a month before it, create an inventory of all your belongings and mark the ones you need to move. Then you you will have enough time for complements and list corrections
  2. Formulate the task. Just answer the four simple questions –  What? When? How? Where?
  3. Choose the moving company. In case you made the right choice, all your cares should over at this point
  4. Choose the professionals. Collect as much information about the company as possible: the full name, the date of foundation, address, phone, visit the home page
  5. Internet is the most available source of information. But, remember that this resource allows any doubtful company to call themselves the professionals in all the spheres and to guarantee the highest quality
  6. Pay your attention to the companies that do not limit theirselves just with virtual space, but also advertising in printed issues, catalogues. As a rule, ephemeral companies don’t waste their money on mass media advertising
  7. Keep in mind, the professional companies don’t advertise in free publications. There you will be offered a wide range of private employers, as well as usual loader teams
  8. The main attribute of a professional company is a specialization. The full-service move, in particular, but not just a cargotransport! This point should be the main one in your and chosen company mutual trust
  9. Call to a chosen company. Pay your attention to admintrator’s communication manner. Politeness, attention to your special need, goodwill, no-nonsence attitude as well as professional consultuation on move questions – these are the absolutely necessary components of communication in trustful company
  10. In responsible company, in order to calculate how much will your move cost, the company’s manager comes at your place to see everything by his own eyes. This will cost you nothing. What is important, the sum remains unchanged
  11. Fix an appointment with the companies, you have chosen. In case anyone refuses to see you, interpret it as a sign and forget about this company
  12. At the appointment. Question out the manager on the matter of final cost components, free extra works, are the workers employed by the company, as well as about their working experience. Do not hesitate to ask the questions, you have a right to have a full information
  13. One more tricky question for the manager. Professional companies have a system that protects door frames, floor and walls from damages may happen during the process of furniture disposal. His answer should dispel your worries about the brand new decoration
  14. Noticeable company will be able to show up its advantages, and right after your first meeting with manager, you will understand, whow are you ready to trust and co-operate with
  15. To trust someone your property just on his honour is risky, so certainly claim for the contract/agreement. Agreement on the company’s material responsibility conclusion is compulsory for trustworthy moving company in their work with clients. You will be provided with the complete set of necessary documents
  16. Do not sign in any unfilled order bill of lading or agreements, being in a hurry. Prior to signing in, read the papers carefully and do not hesitate to question your manager out. In case you are not satisfied with the given answers, ask yourself, whether you’re ready to co-operate with a company, like this
  17. In case at the move day, people without identification signs ( no uniform, no call from your personal manager, no required documents) – decline their service, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises
  18. In the opposite case, the start of the move was coordinated with you, you were informed about the person who will guide your move on the place, all the workers look tidy with their uniforms on – congratulations – you may not worry about your move! This is the style of professionals
  19. Don’t hurry to say goodbye to the movers. After all the works accomplied, examine every piece of furniture together with team master, in order to detect possible damages, check the belongings, are thy on their places. And only after that you may sign the bill of lading
  20. If the unpacking of your belongings is put off indefinitely – don’t worry. Inform your manager about the date and all the composed waste will be collected by movers.